Real Estate

Real Estate

Estate Agency

The range of services provided by Olaide Shobowale & Co as estate agents or property brokers include sourcing, buying & selling of properties, and leasing & letting of properties on behalf of interested clients. Some of our properties include Detached Bungalows (flats), Semi-Detached/Duplex homes, Blocks/Luxury Flats, Office/Shopping complex, Tenement buildings and Ware-Houses.

Our firm carries out rental of various types of real property and this equips us with the relevant data to act as the intermediary between the Landlords and Tenants.

Estate Management

As professional estate managers we among other things advise the property owner sufficiently on placement of tenants, property rate, water rate and insurance coverage for property & taxes. Our firm has the skill and knowledge in protecting and maintaining the life of property as well. Olaide Shobowale & Co as an estaate firm has many properties under her portfolio. Many property owners in our cities of operation retain our services to manage their estates

Property Consultancy

The concept of rapid urbanization, complexity of landlord-tenant relationship, the need for commerce and industry and the increase in the number of those requesting for accommodation have clearly established the need for a center of excellence where consultation can be made by people who desire accommodation for varying reasons. The place to get these services rendered is Olaide Shobowale & Co where you can consult us depending on the kind of property you desire.

Estate Investment

Carefully planned investment in real estate serves as a good security upon retirement from active service. We counsel our clients on the best period to acquire or sell their properties to ensure maximum reward, we also render advise on the profitability of real estate investment. Our company is committed to encouraging our teeming clients to invest in real estate.